Western Union

Consumer-to-Consumer Money Transfer Service

This service allows people to send and receive money worldwide, primarily through a global network of third-party Agents who use our multi-currency money transfer processing systems.

We offer consumers a variety of ways to send money through Western Union, Orlandi Valuta and Vigo Agents worldwide. There is an Agent location nearly everywhere—from the biggest cities to the most remote towns. In many countries, we also offer the ability to send money over the Internet or the telephone using a credit or debit card.

We also offer consumers several options for receiving a money transfer. While we pay the vast majority of transfers in cash at Agent locations, in some places we offer payments directly to the receiver’s bank account or a stored-value card.

Walk-in Money Transfer Service
More than 90 percent of our transactions are still done in person where consumers receive the attention and expertise of an Agent clerk. The Agent clerk collects cash from a consumer and within minutes, payment is available for pick-up at an Agent location convenient to the receiver. In the United States, many Agent locations also accept debit cards to initiate a transaction. We are continually developing convenient and customized solutions for consumers in a variety of regions.

Online Money Transfer Service
Our transactional Web site allows consumers to send funds online using a credit or debit card. Additionally, consumers can conveniently check the status of their transfer online.

Telephone Money Transfer Service
Our Telephone Money Transfer service allows consumers to send funds by telephone without visiting a Western Union Agent location. Consumers may call a toll-free number in the United States or the United Kingdom and use a debit card or credit card to initiate a transaction. The money transfer is then available for pay-out at a participating Agent location.

Mobile Money Transfer Service
We are working with mobile phone operators in select countries to introduce money transfers that consumers can send and receive with a cell phone. Recently, we announced three mobile operators that will participate in this initiative – expected to extend the benefits of financial services to many of the world’s families for the first time. The first commercial services began in the second quarter of 2008.

Payout Services
Receivers can typically pick up available funds within minutes of the sender completing a transaction. In some countries, funds can be sent for next-day payout, bank account delivery or loaded to a stored-value card. In a number of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Western Union Agents offer a bank deposit service, in which the paying Agent provides the receiver the option to direct funds to a bank account or to a stored-value card. Vigo also offers Direct to Bank and home delivery service in certain countries.